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The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it’s going to be huge.


Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo, Mozilla, Namecheap, Foursquare, imgur, and reddit.

Will you join too?

Everyone has a role in the Internet Slowdown. Click here to find out what YOU can do.


Oh, but that’s not all that happened this morning. Just a few hours ago I got a phone call from a number in Washington, DC. The person on the other end tried to ask some questions without identifying themselves, but when I asked outright they told me they were from NCTA — yep, as in the National Cable Television Association, aka Comcast’s lobbying army.

 They wanted to know when we would be announcing the names of the companies participating in the September 10th net neutrality protest. I suggested they take a look at the front page of The Guardian, or at this op-ed by the CEO of Etsy in Wired, and mentioned they may want to check out this TIME Magazine article. Then I hung up.

After the call, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve been organizing for many years and one thing I’ve learned is that powerful enemies only start contacting you when they’re scared. If they don’t think you’re being effective, they ignore you.

Friends, we are giving some of the most powerful interests in the world a run for their money. And they have tons of money. We’ve got Comcast & company shaken up and scared. This is our chance to to drive the message home and win this once and for all.

All the tools you need for the battle are here: https://battleforthenet.com/sept10th

If you’ve got a website, blog, or Tumblr run the “slowdown” widget on your site to symbolically show your users a “loading” message and help people understand what the Web could be like without net neutrality. If you don’t have a site, change your profile pic to the “loading” symbol, so that the entire Internet is alive with protest on September 10th, and forward this email to everyone you know to spread the word.

The truth is, unlike Comcast and their cronies, we have nothing to hide. A report from the Sunlight Foundation yesterday showed that 99% of comments the FCC has received are in support of net neutrality. The public agrees, and hell hath no fury like the Internet scorned. As I write this email, I’m feeling more hopeful about our chances of victory in the battle for net neutrality than I have since we started this fight.

Last chance. We need you for the Internet Slowdown on September 10th. Are you in?

We can win this, and when we do, it’s a victory we can put in the history books.

For the Internet,
-Evan Greer at Fight for the Future

P.S. Our friends at Namecheap are really throwing down in the fight for net neutrality. Check out the awesome video they just put up at NetNeutrality.com (nice URL right?), wait til you get to the part where people are riding on toilets chasing wall street bankers up a bike ramp.

P.P.S. There’s still time to get your very own #TeamInternet t-shirt or hoodie. Go here and reserve yours before they’re gone! http://teespring.com/stores/team-internet

Anonymous asked:
Being a prince, I'm sure you're well aware of this, but have their been any assassination attempts against the family?

Hickory: They also lack any sort of knowledge about my family anatomy… so they just really…maim us and make it painfull to sleep or swim for a few days…

Hickory: Of course within a few hours, mum has their head be sent to the kitchen to make head cheese and willow is chewing on the assassins arm so its not like its the same dumb idiot shooting me in the side over and over…

bb-demon-slayer asked:
*walks through the woods with a bag full of diamonds after a good mining expedition. It was getting night and the fireflies were out flying around. BB got distracted and started chancing the fireflies* MEOW! OAO *His eye's were wide*

"…Well it aint human so I dont see why you are so intuned to …it.." William sighed and continued to bite and lick at his nails. Not hard enough to break them, but rather clean out under them and get the good bits of mean that got caught..

It was a good night of hunting for these men, and william had the bloody bag slung over his shoulder while eric held the treasures and tibits they collected form the house… But currently eric was watching a…werid looking creature chase fireflies around the pine trees…

He swore he has seen this creature before, but where?

"Well, If you wana talk to it you have to wait untill you get cleaned up. Blood splattered pants and skin is not really the best way to get a friendly first impression" William whispered and looked up at eric….

Eric…just watched…in the shadows of the trees his father and him blended right into the nighttime shadows…

draykan asked:
Because now I am curious for shipping thing modxmod
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: Welcome to the Black Parade: My chemical Romance
  • Who does more housework: Fuck… EEYY NICK DO YOU LIKE HOUSEWORK? XD
  • What couple cosplay they should do: 
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: I cried…. I really criedholdmegoodnotchicrrriieeedd
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: I just need all my sides and back covered, so I will use you if I have to!!
  • What they fight about: "So…what about dem ships?" (That was not a fun time for us two…)
  • Who has more Facebook friends: AHM…. WOULD I? I MEAN MOST OF ITS FOR RP’ING AND STUFF BUT…I dun know…I think I would because im just the hyper ball of “HHHEEYY FRIEND WHAT CHU DOING OVER THERE?”
  • One headcanon about them: In our distressing days, we just flop onto each other and whine into the ceiling until one of us gives up mocking and just snuggles the other into happiness. We have good snuggles~

asktheenderninja asked:
Ez x Eric (because I am complete crack shipping trash and I wanna see your headcannons about this. X3)
  • Eric x EZ
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN | secret guilt ship
  • "Their" song: Love Again by pentatonix
  • Who does more housework: EZ better learn to because when Eric thinks its time we clean, it will be way…way too late…
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: *Whispers* Eric is a crybaby when it comes to those things…if he pays attention enough
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: HOW DID YOU EVEN GET THEM IN THE SAME BED?!!?!
  • What they fight about: *bird laugs…oh she laughs*  If I have to write something it would be about playing with each-others weapons and the possibility that someone hired to kill a villager and he went and did that…so far the villagers haven’t really killed any mobs (that im awear of) so this should be that rare argument that never happens.
  • Who has more Facebook friends: EZ because Eric kills all the people he gets to know.
  • One headcanon about them: These two hunting/killing together has the possibility to make one of the most unstoppable forces and yet, the most vulnerable. Death is indefinite once you have been targeted by the two of these two.
  • Eric has almost cut off his fingers and sliced his hand open one time he played with EZ’s shrunkens. 
  • If those two would just get along, eric is actually quite interested in learning how to fight under ez’s guidance. His technique and style is really fascinating and probably less strenuous on his body that his fathers style… now only if they would just get freaking along…

Ferguson Masterpost


a masterpost of everything i could find on the situation. if there’s anything important i missed, please message me and i’ll add it.
(click my url to see updated links & stuff)

What’s going on in Ferguson:
basics by clehmentine
with respect to the brown family
livestream of ferguson
live twitter feed of ferguson
officer who shot mike brown

What the police are doing:
rubber bullet attacks
jamming phone signals?
told off someone asking for help
removed their badges and id tags
false accusations
slurs and threats
more slurs/insults over phone
tear gas violence

How you can help:
petition to protect against police brutality/misconduct
food/meal drive for ferguson
what you can do to help post
find contact info for your local reps
help pay for legal fees
protest/fundraiser info
help ferguson links
michael brown memorial fund

twitter posts of riots
paralells, then and now
video of tear gas violence
video proof police attacked peaceful protesters

tips against police brutality/tear gas
st. louis county police to be REMOVED from ferguson!
barack obama’s statements
opferguson is a trap website, be warned
by-the-numbers look at ferguson


Consider donating to Julianna’s fund to feed the students of Ferguson.

#Feedthestudents and #FeedFerguson is going to help feed families. Many school-age kids rely on school meals, and school has been closed since Monday. Kids are going hungry!

Every dollar helps.




BE CAREFUL!! some group of assholes has planned a Purge-esque murder spree between 8PM and 6AM.



what the fuck



#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…

This is Amerikkka 2014





Singing a song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again. When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. (These images are not mine. Praying for the people of Ferguson, and praying for justice for the crime against Mike Brown and all the other victims of blatant racism.)


I’ve thought about this so much today. Like so many parallels. Vive la Révolution!

its not minecraft but fuck this is the mods state right now….

ask-elis-ender asked:
EricxElis, HickoryxLizzy, WillowxFalion, WilliamxEdmumd, KeyariaxElis, and because you sent it to me, ModxMod

I would like to point out im doing this as if the two were actually a couple, if they aren’t a couple already.

  • Eric x ELis
  • Nickname: Pearl Swap
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: "All About Us" By He is We ft Owl city
  • Who does more housework: Elis because Eric doesn’t know what the definition of clean is. Dont let him try seriously something will go wrong…
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Eric would try and pay attention to the movie, But I think ELis would cry. He would go all “shoooshh, its fake, its ok” and cuddle the shit out of his rose. No tears, only tears of happiness are allowed.
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: If Eric had a nightmare about dying or losing his family like how his father lost his mother (It happens more often than you think…)  then he would, otherwise they are usually so entwined you cant tell one from the other~
  • What they fight about: "Eric, where is Non Jr’s tail…"
  • "…I refuse to answer that one…"
  • "Eric where is Non Jr."
    "…I refuse to answer that one also…"
  • Who has more Facebook friends: Elis, because even though eric probably knows more people, they are dead people because he kills them.
  • One Two headcanon about them: THESE TWO HAVE SO MANY AU’S AND UNIVERSES CREATED ABOUT THEM, FROM NATIVE AMERICAN TO JUST BEING DUCKS… It ridiculous and I love them all~ (Eric is the cutest baby goose)
  • Both of the two had come from rather unsuitable childhoods, from eaither homes of abuse or just outcast from two diffrent dimentions. As they grew from friends to a couple to newlyweds they were always there for each other to peice together the broken pieces and help build a better life for each other in the overworld and were there for every nightmare or relapse the two had about the old worlds (with the help of two lovely assholes making sure the previous life doesn’t come back to get them~)
  • Hickory x Lizzy
  • Nickname: Royal Drama King and Queen
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | ADORABLE~ | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: Bombshell Blonde by Owl City
  • Who does more housework: HA….WHAT IS HOUSEWORK TO THESE TWO? (hickory)
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Hickory would have, Im not sure if Lizzy would be paying attention at all during movie nights.
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: I mean considering how long Hickory is, that would be the biggest blanket in existence and Lizzy would still somehow be-able to hog it…
  • What they fight about: "Elizabeth Ender stand still so we can sew your arm/leg/foot/ cool the burn/ ect with healing"
  • "When are you coomminngg out of the neeethhheeerr"
  • "Why cant I come sailing?"
  • Who has more Facebook friends:  Hickory would, he has to know his whole kingdom
  • One headcanon about them: Both have absolutly no sence of what is dangerous and what is wrong (ok they know its wrong but they shouldn’t do it) so…there has been more than once were they have burned a whole field/forest down or upset-ed a herd of dangerous mobs…
  • Hickory loves to give lizzy rides on his back and they fly across the daylight sky in white streaks and giggling bundles…crashing is not fun.
  • Weeping Willow x Falion
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | SO GOSH DARN ADORABLE I SWEAR TO NOTCH | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: Two worlds by Phil Collins
  • Who does more housework: Probably Falion. Willow would be making the mess with her potion brewing.
  • What couple cosplay they should do: 
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Both, it was a mess of tissues, tentacles, and quite hush paps.
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: Willow with her many many tentacles…
  • What they fight about: I really dont know… Probably along the lines of hogging all the heat and/or not coming out of the nether enough.
  • Who has more Facebook friends: Willow? I dun know…
  • One headcanon about them: Willow is obsessed with he horrorterrors and scary stories, so up in the over world the two built a fort where they drink hot apple cider and falion would read willow the scarry stories with his special frames and willow curls around him like a kitty and listens and giggles. 
  • These two are going to be the best of friends in canon it will be amazing they will kill with there closeness and bonding.
  • William x Edmund
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN | Guilty crack ship~
  • "Their" song: (joke song)
  • Who does more housework: As crazy as it sounds, William is clean freak and he would probably be the one doing housework.
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Well he wouldnt be crying, but william would probablly whine a bit…then just to anoy edmund he would splay himself over edmund and whine really loudly, complaining how sad he was from the movie, thus demanding comfort cuddles.
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: Those blankets would be in shreads or edmund would, because william looks like he has died when he sleeps…we blame some sort of sleep paralysis…
  • What they fight about: ANYTHING AN EVERYTHING… When they arn’t fighting is when we start getting concerned that one of them got injured or isn’t feeling to well…
  • Who has more Facebook friends: William kills all his facebook freinds minus his clan so I would say edmund.
  • One headcanon about them: William sings the most ridiculous songs to edmund when he is upset. Im talking getting the rug out of the closet and singing “i can show you the world” song while holding edmund to him on the rug. A sad edmund is not a good edmund and william thinks angry is better. Of course if he really is down then william is going to be reasonable with how he treats him. 
  • Keyaira x ELis
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | Someone would die in the process of this ship, I swear to notch | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: "I wont give up" cover by peter hollens
  • Who does more housework: Elllliiiss , because keyaira is working to make sure hell doesn’t freeze over.
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Keyaira, keyaira would cry and smother elis in her cuddle crying.
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: Um… if keyaira actually ever slept on a bed I think she would, She would hog elis and the blankets, because she loves her warmth and cuddles.
  • What they fight about: Keyaira gets very rough and cold if she doesn’t watch herself, so Elis probably gets annoyed when she just disses someone or does seem to show care to person in need.
    …or when she accidentally sets the living room on fire…
    …or beats up william/Eric when she got mad at them…
  • Who has more Facebook friends: Elis would, she actualy sorta cares about her friends…
  • One headcanon about them: Elis is a big teacher to keyaira on how to act human and be kind and caring, if pigs were flying and keyaira decided to try and LEARN to be kind, Elis was the big role model and she would follow around like a lost puppy…

    Keyaira would sing elis songs and tell her stories when she was upset or stressed out, cradling her in a warm blanket and telling extravagant stories of heros and sailing journies~
  • Mod x Mod(0TrueBlue0)
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming (good lord we would end the world) | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN |
  • "Their" song: We need to come up with one, meet me on skype and if we find one ill put it here
  • Who does more housework: YOU’RE BRINGING BABY RACCOONS HOME ALL THE TIME so probably no one….because like Eric I do not know the definition of clean…
  • What couple cosplay they should do: Our personas
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: depends if your dead that day or not, but I most defiantly would cry…
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: *whispers* my bbeeeddd and blankets (ok there are no blankets, only shredded sheets)
  • Who has more Facebook friends: I don’t even know if you have a Facebook…I do an I have a lot
  • One headcanon about them: Im the Australian pimp to sammi when she is drunk apparently….
  • Ho shit disney night, we have this giant pile of blankets and unlimited popcorn and we watch disney move after disney movie untill we relize its been three days and no one has heard from us…
  • We have this desk thing with my drawing pad and computer on one and she has hers on the other (A LAPTOP THAT WORKS TOO) and we send hours doodling and talking to eachother from acorss the desk and by the window so birb can watch the traffic or nature depending where we end up

draykan asked:
  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | crackotp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Who does more housework: Keyaira has spent her whole life with people cleaning the castle and draykan had the ship… Im not sure if any of them know how to actually do housework…
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Keyaira wouldnt cry if it was a public viewing, but if it was in private god save the queen where are the tissues….
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: WELL I THINK BLANKETS BURN IN LAVA… (Keyaira would use draykans wings because she loves dem wings)
  • What they fight about: Where the fuck were you and what were you doing. This isnt a few days dissaperence both have the capability of leaving for seasons at a time without notice and just appear one day…
  • Who has more Facebook friends: Draykan, he knows other damn dimensions….
  • One Two head-canon about them: whenever Draykan comes over the first thing they do is have tea and discuss simple things. But instead of just sitting, they float over the kingdom as they do so.
  •  If he has the time, keyaira likes to drag draykan into her work office so she can do paperwork and trading accounts while wrapped in his wings and snuggled against his chest. She loves his wings~

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you


  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song:
  • Who does more housework:
  • What couple cosplay they should do:
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3:
  • Who hogs the blankets at night:
  • What they fight about: 
  • Who has more Facebook friends: 
  • One headcanon about them:

meeting the past

Should I color and ink these?

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